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Biography of Linda J. Nelson

“Really Kentucky”

My inspiration…Kentucky…all that is really Kentucky.

Years ago my husband and I had a discussion about where we would like to live if given that choice. The remarkable history, rolling green hills, horse farms and wonderful cities of Kentucky captured our imagination. Through a job opportunity and a relocation offer we were ready to move to the beautiful state of Kentucky. Kentucky, then, not only captured our imagination but our hearts.

I grew up in Wisconsin and have lived in Chicago and Phoenix, AZ. I also have been fortunate to travel to many other countries. These experiences have diversified my interests and have promoted my love of learning…which eventually led me, as a grandmother…and late-bloomer, to learn how to oil paint.

Painting in oils has always been a mystery to me. One day I made a decision…to quit wondering about this great mystery and try it…or forever quit dreaming about oil painting. I mustered up some courage and jumped in with both feet. I began painting at a studio and had wonderful painting coaches. I then kept experimenting with all “oil painting” things…and developed a love for the realism style.

There could be no better place to be inspired to paint than Kentucky. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite “Kentucky thing” to paint…I love painting horses, Shaker Village…and even animals at the Louisville Zoo. My imagination works overtime, and I have found there is so much more of Kentucky I have yet to paint – what an exciting prospect!


                                                   Anthony and Kristin Nelson
                          Leif, Juliana, Soren, Mia
 and Evangeline                     


We are the Neslons.  As missionaries with the Assemblies of God we have the privilege of serving the Native people of Alaska.  We believe that through partnership the native people can be served and empowered. 


      Anthony and Kristin have been married fifteen years and have five children. Leif 9,   
      Juliana 7, Soren 5, Mia 3, and baby Evangeline due in August. The Nelsons believe that
      they have been preparing all their life for the challenges set before them. With a
      grateful heart and enough energy to power a nuclear submarine they anticipate a
      successful future full of service for Christ and His Kingdom.

      We have a longterm vision - over the next 30 to 35 years we anticipate that we will: 

          - Plant two Dream Centers (centers emphasizing need-based Christian ministry.
          - Plant several churches for the Native people.
          - Develop future Native pastors and leaders.

     Our belief is that the Yup'ik Eskimos have an underestimated amout of potential.

     Our Passion is to rescue dreams and by doing so see lives change.












Where there is no vision the people perish. /Proverbs 29:18








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