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Sunday is considered a day of rest.  Monday most people start back to work and it's not always what we look forward.  We have five days of hard work before the next weekend.  But Monday we drag ourselves out of bed and reluctantly go back to work each and every Monday.

Songwriter John Phillips wrote a song that the Mamas and The Papas recorded in 1966.  It was while waiting the release of "California Dreamin'" that band member Denny Doherty was prodding John to come up with some new material.  Phillips said he would come back in the morning with "A song with universal appeal."  Ignoring the sarcastic comments from the group members, he came up with this song "Monday Monday."  It's about the lousy feeling that comes with the end of the weekend and beginning of another workweek.

                                                    Monday Monday 

Monday might be the most disliked day of the week because we are forced to do something we would rather not do.  This website was created so you can have a little encouragement, a little inspiration, a little pick-me-up to get through Monday. Monday really does matter and it sets the tone for the rest of the week.

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I hope you will enjoy each Monday Matters as well as be inspired and encouraged.

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